El-Sherouk Hospital has 4 state of the art Operating theaters, equipped with the most recent equipments according to the European standards

The wall are made of Corian , a special material design for the operating theater, while the floor are cover with special design Vinyl material These are material made to prevent and resist bacteria and micro-organism propagation 

A very competent and experience nursing staff are available around the clock

State of the art equipments for all kind of surgery are present in the O.T. ; Karl Storz new laparoscopic camera  , Stryker latest drill , shaver and camera , Drager anesthetic machine

;Major surgery are commonly performed in the hospital includes

….Orthopedic Surgery such as: Total Hip replacement , total Knee Replacement , Spine surgery , Complex fracture management ect

……General Surgery such as: Laparoscopic surgery , Bariatric Surgery ( Sleeve Surgery Gastric Banding and Bypass), Surgical oncology ect

……Plastic Surgery such as: Abdominoplasty , Breast augmentation or reduction , Rhinoplasty , Hand reconstructive surgery ect

……Obstetrics and gynecology such as: Caesarian section , Hysterectomy ect